How To Host A Book Club Party

Book club parties have been a popular tradition for many years because it provides a great opportunity for friends to get together and have a discussion about great books whilst sharing food and drinks. Therefore, if you have been a part of a book club party for many years then you may realize that it is time for you to host a party of your own. However, even if the club consists of a group of close friends or even a larger group you may realize that a significant amount of planning is required to execute such a party. Thus, the following article will proceed to explore what you should take into account when you are planning to host such a party.


It is always a novel idea to pick a theme that complements the book. For instance, if the book of the month is great Gatsby you can encourage all the members to come dressed in 1920’s inspired outfits or if the book of the month is Eat, Love and Pray you can encourage them to dress up in that one outfit that makes them feel powerful and wanted. 


If one has the budget then they can opt to decorate the living room that they are using to host the meeting to complement the theme. However, even if they do not have the budget they can opt to create an ambiance that would encourage one to come up with stimulating discussions by placing either dimming the lights and by making the room comfortable so that the members would be encouraged to speak their mind.

Food & Drinks

No book club party is completed without red wine, therefore, make sure that you have more than enough red wine glasses for the guests to enjoy. Furthermore, instead of selecting a heavy diet one can opt for light snacks such as tortilla chips, trail mix, and other finger food. On the other hand, one can also lean towards a hearty meal to finish the party with.

However, instead of a dinner party if one is opting for a brunch then they can serve mimosas in champagne glasses because a book club party would be incomplete without some form of alcohol.

Clear Out the Home

While it is advisable for the host to ask the other family members to go out for a couple of hours whilst the party is held we understand that this may not be the most realistic choice in some cases. Therefore, in these instances, one can ban family members from entering the room where the meeting is held try to visit great kitchen shop.

At the end of the day, one should realize that along with providing a great opportunity for one to have mentally stimulating discussions about books it is also a time to socialize with friends. Therefore, make sure that you plan the party properly in order to enjoy it.